Annual meeting of the AAPA, Albuquerque, April 17 2010

Symposium on computational methods for the automated analysis of virtual hominid endocasts

  • Timothy Rowe
    Community Repositories for Voxel Datasets and Derivative 3D Visualizations: Opportunities and Obstacles Identified by the Project
  • Gérard Subsol, Gilles Gesquière, José Braga, Francis Thackeray
    3D automatic methods to segment “virtual” endocasts: state of the art and future directions pdf
  • Benoît Combès, José Braga, Francis Thackeray, Sylvain Prima
    3D automated quantification of asymmetries on fossil endocasts 
  • Nina Amenta, Deboshmita Ghosh, Andrei Sharf, F. James Rohlf, Will Harcourt-Smith, Steve Frost, David Wiley, Katherine St. John, Eric Delson
    Evolutionary morphing
  • P. Thomas Schoenemann, Janet Monge, Ralph L. Holloway, Brian B. Avants, James C. Gee
    Creating statistical atlases of modern primate endocranial morphology using non-rigid deformation analysis of high-resolution CT images pdf
  • Simon Neubauer, Philipp Gunz, Jean-Jacques Hublin
    Comparison of endocranial ontogenetic trajectories with implications for hominin brain evolution
  • Kristina Aldridge, Yann Heuzé, Christopher Percival, Jennifer Stella, Lisa G. Howell, Ian George, Jeffrey Marsh, Alex Kane, Timothy M. Ryan, Joan T. Richtsmeier
    The relationship between hard and soft tissue: lessons for reconstructing virtual endocasts
  • Emiliano Bruner, Manuel Martin-Loeches, Roberto Colom
    Brain shape and human variation: from integration to cognition pdf
  • Emmanuel Gilissen, William D. Hopkins
    Asymmetries of the temporo-parietal cortical areas in common chimpanzee: functional correlates and comparison with human pdf
  • Dean Falk
    Endocast of Taung (Australopithecus africanus) compared to that of LB1 (Homo floresiensis) — more than just a coincidence?  pdf1 pdf2
  • Antoine Balzeau, Emmanuel Gilissen, Dominique Grimaud-Hervé
    Endocranial shape asymmetries in hominids, including fossil hominins and extant hominids, assessed via skull based landmark analysis of 3D reconstructions from CT images pdf
  • Dominique Grimaud-Hervé, Antoine Balzeau, Harry Widianto, Tony Djubiantono, Florent Détroit, Anne-Marie Sémah, François Sémah
    Endocranial anatomy of a new Homo erectus specimen from Sangiran (Java, Indonesia)
  • Ralph L. Holloway, Janet Monge, P. Thomas Schoenemann
    The Hobbit brain: some questions about its “derived” features
  • Stanley Durrleman, Xavier Pennec, Alain Trouvé, Nicholas Ayache, José Braga
    Measuring the inter-species variability of endocast growth using shape regression and spatiotemporal registration

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